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Getting to know your audience with Personas

Getting to know your audience is essential. Before you sell an app, or any product at all, you must figure out who your audience is. Everything you do hinges on your audience. The feature set that your app has, the look and feel, the design, the name, the marketing channels you use — everything depends […]

Software Resellers

As soon as I was somewhat successful, software resellers started to contact me. I was initially flattered and started dreaming of large corporations purchasing hundreds of licenses. That was not the case. Dealing with resellers quickly turned out to be a massive time sink. They asked dozens of questions about my software. They asked about […]


My father seemed to know everything. He loved to explain things, and inconspicuous questions often triggered elaborate lectures. So one day, when I was maybe eight or nine years old, I asked him about taxes, and he started to talk. I clearly remember the visceral reaction I had to this lecture. Most times I would get bored after […]

My Very Own Office

I had a private office for some time at university. Most students were offered a desk in a shared office, but due to the smouldering turf wars at the institute it was decided that I should work in an unused assistant professor office. I was a placeholder, to make sure no other research group could […]

Customer Support

It should be trivial to contact customer support. The best way is to have an email address like prominently visible on every page of your website. Don’t use web forms and don’t make people select arbitrary options before contacting support. Under no circumstances expect customers to create an account on your website before they […]

Work time and productivity

When you’re self-employed, you can choose how many hours to work. Many people end up working even more than employees — you feel guilty when you’re not spending every waking moment working on your business. I fall into that trap too, sometimes, but I’ve realised working long hours isn’t necessary for making a living. Currently […]